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Sean Tucker
Sean Tucker
Role Landry
Date of Birth February 23, 1973
Birthplace Barrie, Ontario, Canada
IMDb Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker portrays Landry, a member of the St Germain cult,  on Season 2 of Helix.

Early Life Edit

To be added.

Career Edit

To be added.

Trivia Edit

To be added.

Season 2
Episodes "San Jose" • "Reunion" • "Scion" • "Densho" • "Oubliette" • "M. Domestica" • "Cross Pollination" •
"Vade in Pace" • "Ectogenesis" • "Mother" • "Plan B" • "The Ascendant" • "O Brave New World"
Primary Characters Alan FarragutJulia WalkerPeter FarragutSarah JordanKyle SommerSergio Balleseros
Secondary Characters Brother MichaelSister AmySister AnneSister AgnesLandryCaleb
Lt. Commander WingerHiroshi HatakeDaniel AerovLeila Weisner
Season 1 • Season 2

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