Rae Van Eigem
Dr. Rae Van Eigem
Appears in
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Groups Researchers
Actor Miranda Handford


Rae Van Eigem was a researcher at Arctic BioSystems.[1] According to a video application to ABS, Dr. Van Eigem received her Bachelor's at Yale in Biochemistry. She then attended medical school at Yale, specializing in Oncology.


Arctic BioSystemsEdit

Day 4Edit

Van Eigem approached Sarah Jordan. Although she tested negative, she had a lesion on her skin. Sarah took Van Eigem to her (Sarah's) quarters and injected her with morphine.[1]

Day 5Edit

Van Eigem's condition worsened. She left Sarah's quarters and Sarah found her dancing in the corridor. She claimed to be dancing with someone who was not there. She attacked Sarah and attempted unsuccessfully to regurgitate black mucus into her mouth. Van Eigem recovered and apologized. Sarah took her back to her (Sarah's) quarters again and helped her commit suicide.[2]

Day 10Edit

Sarah has a vision of Van Eigem.[3]


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