Hendrick Deklerk
Hendrick Deklerk
Appears in Season 1
Mentioned in "274"
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Groups Researchers
Actor Uncredited


Dr. Hendrick Deklerk is a senior researcher at Arctic BioSystems. According to the file viewed by Alan Farragut, Deklerk is from South Africa and works in the Virology department.


Arctic BioSystemsEdit

Day 2Edit

Deklerk and five other scientists are attacked in the sun room. He is one of the three that run. Later on, Alan Farragut, Sergio Balleseros, and the security guards find him. He is chased and tackled by Balleseros in the halls. Although the file stated that Deklerk worked in the Virology department, Graff says he is from the Aerosol division. It is possible that he may be in two different departments, or the Aerosol division is a team within the Virology department.[1]

References Edit

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