Characters Brother Michael
Sister Agnes
Sister Amy
Sister Anne
Caleb (formerly)
Peter Farragut


The cult was a small society of people who have lived on the island of St. Germain for hundreds of years. The cult was led by Brother Michael, a geneticist with mysterious ulterior motives, until he was overthrown by Sister Amy, his daughter and granddaughter (through incest). They lived a very basic life, farming the land, taking care of their own, and leaving the "outside world" and all of the problems that they believed arose with it.

Members of the cult wear olive-drab robes over simple gray, brown, green or other neutral-colored clothing.


Season 2
Episodes "San Jose" • "Reunion" • "Scion" • "Densho" • "Oubliette" • "M. Domestica" • "Cross Pollination" •
"Vade in Pace" • "Ectogenesis" • "Mother" • "Plan B" • "The Ascendant" • "O Brave New World"
Primary Characters Alan FarragutJulia WalkerPeter FarragutSarah JordanKyle SommerSergio Balleseros
Secondary Characters Brother MichaelSister AmySister AnneSister AgnesLandryCaleb
Lt. Commander WingerHiroshi HatakeDaniel AerovLeila Weisner
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